November 20, 2010


Official Record of Reenacting Activities of Fisher's Rifle Guard

and CSS Albemarle Marine Guard

 Editor& Distribution: Ordnance Sgt. Edwin Fetzer

Review & Approval: Captain Mark Trail                       

Command Notes


·       Captain Trail

§       Well it has finally happened! We are now in the 4th Regiment under one year probation effective 1/9/2016. We have some things to learn and improve on from where we came from, but it will be worth it. Our drill has to change slightly to satisfy the NC State requirements but it will be worth it. All the state events are now open to us. Some of our uniform requirements are tightening up but it’s not drastic. One thing that is gone now is the “cowboy type slouch hats” with feathers etc. Either kepis or era correct slouch hats only. Go to the 4th Reg. web site and take a look.

  §  The L/H in Pamlico County went well, we are sorry that some folks didn’t make it because of the drill changes. The 1st & 11th had an Officer come over and spend a good amount of his free time to show us the requirements and help us out. Thanks much appreciated.

·       1st Sergeant Logan-

  • Well the drill has changed, but not badly at all. In fact I feel it is actually better. Our firing went well, but we definitely need another drill.

·       Ordnance Sergeant Fetzer –

  • Just a word about pistols. Now that we are part of the 4th Regiment, the only company level personnel authorized to carry pistols are the Company Commissioned Officer (s) and the Ordnance Sgt. captain Trail has directed that the SOP be modified to reflect this change and as of now they will not be carried loaded onto the field unless a particular event requires a firing demonstration. The recommended max loads for .58 Cal. muskets are 65 grains of IIIF black powder and for .69 Cal. Muskets are 85 grains of III black powder. Pyrodex or any like artificial black powder is NOT authorized.







·   Jan 2nd – Work Weekend at New Bern Bellaire Plantation, Co. Max Event.

·  Jan 9th – 4th Regiment Business Meeting, Hillsboro NC County Court House, Capt. &     1st Sgt.

  • Jan 30  – Jim White’s Farm LH & Training Event, Co. Max Effort.
  • Feb. 13 & 14 – Work Weekend at Bellaire Plantation, Co. Max Effort.
  • Mar. 5th & 6th – Battle of New Bern, Co. & 4th Regiment Max Effort.
  • Apr. 16th & 17th Bennet Place, Co. & 4th Regiment Regional Event. CANCLED
  • Apr. 23rd & 24th Battle of Fort Macon, Co. & 4th Regiment Max Effort. (Union Preferred)
  • May 27th LH & Parade @ Aurora Fossil Festival, Co. Event.
  • June 11th & 12th Battle of new Hope (Train), Co. & 4th Regiment Max Effort.
  • Aug. 13th & 14th LH Tryon Palace, New Bern, Co. Event.
  • Aug. 29th Company Business Meeting, Ed Fetzer’ s Home 9:30 AM-11:30 AM followed by a School of the Musket for those who want to know how to properly care for a very expensive piece of machinery. Co. Max Event. Bring chairs & drinks.
  • Sept. 10th & 11th LH/Battle of Bosh Grist Mill NC, Reg Fee $10.00. Co. & 4th Reg. Max Effort Event.
  • Oct. 22nd & 23rd LH Grifton, NC, Co. Event.
  • Nov. 5th & 6th Battle of Fort Branch Reg. Fee $12.00, Co. & 4th Reg. Max Effort Event.
  • Dec. 10th & 11th Battle of Goldsboro Bridge Reg. Fee $10:00, Co. & 4th Reg. Regional Event.
  • Dec.? Christmas Party. Co. Event. Invite selected 4th Reg. Brass?


By Direction


Ord Sgt. Fetzer

7thNCST Co F